Polestar 2 Upgrade?

” When it comes to audio systems for cars, Harman Kardon is one of the best names in the business. The company has supplied sound systems to vehicles like the Alfa Romero Giulia Veloce Visconti Edition, the all-electric BMW iX, and the latest Kia Stinger. Now it’s the Polestar 2’s turn, with the Swedish automaker announcing that Harman Kardon has created “a new soundscape for the car”, with warning, notification, and functional sounds carrying a “robotic, digital feel while remaining clean and clear.” These sounds have been created fresh and are unique to the Polestar brand. The company hopes this will add to the premium feel of its electric sedan. ”

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The Future of AUDI?

The Audi Q4 E-Tron compact electric SUV first debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, and… frankly, a whole lot has happened between now and then. Yet, despite all that, what we first saw in Switzerland doesn’t seem to have changed all that much between the concept and the production model, and new information from Audi shows just how clever this little EV will be, whether it involves the windshield or just some cup holders.

Audi on Tuesday unleashed a slew of information about the upcoming Q4 E-Tron, including its camouflaged production exterior. As was promised back at its concept debut, the version that will actually reach showrooms doesn’t look all that different from what was seen at the last Geneva show. Its compact proportions are a little on the stubby side, thanks to a wheelbase of about 9.1 feet, but all that space between the wheels means the interior is much larger — about that of an Audi Q7, and its cargo area offers as much space as the segment above this one. If you’re familiar with any of Audi’s other E-Tron models, the styling shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

The exterior teasers are just a small part of what Audi offered up. Most of the focus was placed on the Q4 E-Tron’s interior. Thanks to a flat load floor and by-wire controls for the transmission, the Q4 E-Tron’s center console is like nothing else Audi makes, with a higher protuberance containing the start button and transmission controls, leaving gobs of space underneath for wireless device charging, USB-C ports and a pair of cup holders, with a traditional under-armrest cubby hanging out between the seats, as well. Speaking of beverage storage, all four door panels have a unique high-mounted bottle holder just ahead of the window switches for easier access to drinks measuring up to 1 liter.


There’s a whole lot of new tech on the interestingly styled dashboard, too. The Q4 E-Tron’s touchscreen is the biggest the company has made thus far, measuring some 11.6 inches on the diagonal (in its optional form; the standard size is 10.1 inches). The steering wheel ditches physical switchgear in favor of touchpads on the left and right sides. So, instead of a thumb wheel, you merely slide your finger up and down the volume control to change speaker loudness. But some actual switches remain, many of which are relegated to the climate control functions just above the gear selector. Like just about every other Audi on sale today, Virtual Cockpit replaces the traditional gauge cluster with a configurable display that reduces distraction by placing pertinent information front and center.

If that’s not front-and-center enough for you, say hello to something properly new — an augmented-reality head-up display. While Mercedes-Benz figured out how to overlay turn-by-turn directions onto a dash-screen camera feed, Audi took it one step further and put that same kind of information on the windshield itself.

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The brand new Mercedes and Aston Martin Safety Cars in F1 in 2021!

Formula 1 will have two official Safety Cars this season as, for the first time in history, Aston Martin will supply Safety and Medical Cars to the Championship – alongside Mercedes, who have changed the paint of their AMG cars to red from silver.

Aston Martin is back in F1 for the first time in more than 60 years and, having already revealed their AMR21 contender to the world, they’ve now shown off the Vantage Safety Car and DBX Medical Car, with the pair set to make their debut at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

The racing green Vantage Safety Car is powered by a 4.0l twin-turbo V8 engine, managing 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds, and has undergone suspension and aero modifications to make sure it can lead a pack of 20 F1 cars at sufficient speed to keep tire temperatures adequate.

The DBX Medical Car will reach 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds with 550PS and 700NM of torque from the same engine as the Vantage, with a defibrillator, fire extinguishers, and a burn kit to respond to medical emergencies.

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Defrosting your windshield: best techniques for cold mornings

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Scraping ice off your windshield can be a headache and time-consuming in the morning. Not to mention, it’s pretty cold out too.

We tried a different technique to try and get the ice off of the windshield without scraping.

A mixture of rubbing alcohol, water, and dish soap apparently helps melt the ice faster.

After spraying and trying to wipe the ice, we learned that it didn’t work. The ice layer on the car we used was too thick, this trick is better when the layer of ice is fairly thin. We also learned you should keep it on the ice for a few minutes before trying to wipe it off.

The best technique is the simple “turn the car on, blast the heat or AC onto the windshield, and wait until it melts”. This means you will likely have to wake up a few minutes early to turn your car on.

A few other tips to remember during these cold days:

  • Have a winter safety kit in your car including gloves, blankets, a weather radio, etc.
  • Remember your P’s: people, plants, pets, and pipes
  • Dress in layers and cover as much skin as you can

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Auto Glass Repair Shop Association to take part in the Auto Glass Week 2021

For this year’s Auto Glass Week, Auto Glass Repair Shop Association will be attending as well. They are looking forward to sharing the importance of their association and explain how it can benefit all participating businesses. This will be a great opportunity for the businesses to interact and share knowledge with the Auto Glass Repair Shop Association as well.

All preparations for Auto Glass Week 2021 are done as of now. For this year’s event, it will be possible to expect the participation of numerous stakeholders and businesses that work for the auto glass industry. The event is scheduled to be held from the 7th to 9th of June at the Orange County Convention Center, based in Orlando, FL. 

Auto Glass Week is a unique and one of a kind event. It is the only event that contributes towards the betterment of the auto glass industry. At the event, it is possible to see show industry experts from numerous backgrounds come together for sharing their knowledge and to secure business partnerships. Problems and challenges that business owners face when working in the auto glass repair and replacement industry are discussed at this event as well. Moreover. The event creates a perfect environment for the industry experts to go ahead and support the businesses that are in need of assistance to take their business ventures to greater heights. 

For Auto Glass Week, a considerable number of new business owners are coming. That’s mainly because it is the only opportunity available for them to gather the knowledge that is needed to ensure their survival in the industry. The auto glass industry is somewhat competitive, and the survival of the fittest theory is applicable within the industry. However, That’s the main reason why this event is so important for the businesses that are currently functioning in the auto glass industry.

Apart from networking sessions, there are many other exciting events taking place at Auto Glass Week. The front row seats of the event are usually allocated for the calibration competition and customer service representative competition. This is where the industry leaders are competing with each other to prove why they are the best players in the industry. However, these competitions are open to anyone. Even a business startup that functions within the auto glass industry will be able to take part in the competition and see whether there is a chance of winning. 

There will be numerous educational seminars and guest speeches taking place during Auto Glass Week as well. The educational seminars will help attendees learn more about the auto glass industry. A person who doesn’t have any experience or knowledge about auto glass will be able to take part in the seminars and gather knowledge. This is a great opportunity available for new business owners to learn some of the most effective strategies available for applying from experts in the industry. Experts share their knowledge and expertise with the newcomers without hiding anything. This can be considered as another major reason why Auto Glass Week is so popular among new business owners within the industry. 

Even the inspiring speakers are sharing valuable content, which can eventually contribute towards the success of the business owners who will come and take part in the sessions. 

For this year’s Auto Glass Week, the Auto Glass Repair Shop Association will be attending as well. They are looking forward to sharing the importance of their association and explain how it can benefit all participating businesses. This will be a great opportunity for the businesses to interact and share knowledge with the Auto Glass Repair Shop Association as well. 

Auto Glass Week is scheduled to start at 2 pm on the 7th of June and will go until 2 pm on the 9th of June. During these hours, some of the best topics with related to the auto glass industry will be discussed, while creating an opportunity to share thousands of business cards among participants. 

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Contact Person: Jason Rand
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Phone: 702-919-5197
Country: United States

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