Make sure to consult with our technicians to determine the service best suited for your specific windshield repairs need.

Stone Chip repair in montreal.

A common problem for all cars these days is the stone chip on the windshield caused by a bouncing pebble or stone from the surface of the road.

While a stone chip leaves a tiny dent or crack on a windshield and many consider it to be a viewing nuisance more than anything else, it is a much more serious problem than that which must be promptly fixed. A stone chip, if left untreated, will gradually increase in size and lead to a windshield wide crack which would require the full change of the windshield.

Our technicians use special machinery and unique resins to treat and repair the stone chip and the end result will be as if the stone chip truly never happened! This sounds easy, but considering that there are literally thousands of tints and shades, compounds and light refraction of windshields, one can only imagine the expertise and quality of work Vite Vitres Jacques technicians offer by repairing the stone chip in such a seamless manner.

Crack repair:

Having a crack on your windshield is like a major accident waiting to happen. Imagine a windshield suddenly shattering during driving – truly a major accident. That is why we advise all our clients to have all cracks on windshields treated promptly.

A consultation with Vite Vitres Jacques will offer you all options you may have with treating a crack on a windshield and our clients may rest assured that the best option would be a followed to treat such a problem. Either treating the crack with our special machinery and tools or replacing the windshield altogether.

defrost repair

Got a faulty electrical component? At Vite Vitres Jacques our technicians are trained to help you repair your defrost. 

At Vite Vitres Jacques, we use the following steps to repair your defrost problems:

  • Identifying the source of defrost.
  • Decontaminate the glass.
  • Buff and grind the necessary electrical component.
  • Reassemble the electrical component. 
  • Ensuring the defrost component will function we make sure to test it before delivering the vehicle. 
Lost your defrost component? Don’t worry we have the replacement parts simply bring your vehicle we will take care of the rest  

Vite Vitres Jacques also provides life time warranty on defrost repairs!

Leakeage problems:

Whether it’s because of the age of the vehicle or because of sloppy work done by another windshield repair company, at Vite Vitres Jacques we are happy to offer you speedy service to stop all leaks occurring from a windshield. Having a leak problem from a windshield is never a pleasant matter to endure. A humid car always carries the smell of humidity fungi and causes the material of a car’s interior to wear down thus depreciating the value of the car.

At Vite Vitres Jacques, we treat a windshield leak problem by following a strict discipline:

  • Identifying the source of the leak.
  • Identifying the reason a leak source has developed with the windshield.
  • Treating the leak source and stopping it.
  • Ensuring the leak does not occur again from the same source or any other source 
  • relative to the windshield.

This meticulous service offers our customers speedy solution to any windshield leakage problems and ensures piece of mind for the future.