More than a profession, windshield replacement is an exact science and at Vite Vitres Jacques we ensure that it is treated as such. We have been fixing autoglass for over 20 years in Montreal.

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Today’s automobiles are nothing short of ingenious transportation machines full of complex features and technical aspects. The windshields of today’s vehicles also have their fair share of computer controlled sensors and functionalities – truly, windshields are no longer the traditional parts of the vehicle which offered visibility to the outside yet kept the elements out.

Today’s windshields have near invisible sensors in them to activate wipers when rain starts, distribute heat evenly, and even offer night time visibility aids! These technological advancements are taken into account at Vite Vitres Jaques and that is why our staff attend industry seminars and Auto Manufacturer sponsored workshops regularly.

Each windshield replacement job is treated as a unique project adhering to AGRSS approved work techniques and FMVSS and DOT approved material and thus we are able to offer speedy and top quality service to our clients. This excellence in service is achieved by our regularly updated tools and machinery, recommended to us by our purchasing agents who visit the major trade shows annually to ensure both our service centers and Mobile Auto Glass Service vehicles are fully equipped with the latest and most efficient tools and material.

The service of replacing a windshield does not end when the windshield is in place. Rather, at Vite Vitres Jacques we stress on the importance of allowing all material to cure and settle in place and that is why we inform the client in advance of the full time and process required to ensure the successful replacement of the windshield. Finally, all work and procedures are guaranteed fully to meet all satisfaction!

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