Specialty Cars

High end specialty cars are unique in their structure and the material used to produce these wonderful driving machines. If you need to fix a windshield or autoglass on your exotic car in Montreal, Vite Vitres Jacques is the shop for you

A team of experts specialized with exotic and luxury cars in montreal.

Whether it’s a sports car such as a Porsche, Ferrari, or Aston Martin, or high end consumer vehicle such as Mercedes, BMW, or Tesla, at Vite Vitres Jacques we have the training and experience to treat the maintenance work of such high end brands with the special technical attention they require. Vite Vitres Jacques is also certified to provide customers with OEM parts of all kind including Tesla.

Vite Vitres Jacques staff are so highly regarded that our chief technician, Mr. Jacques Tarpinian, is regularly sough after to maintain and repair any windshield projects with the racing teams of Club Ferrari during the annual Grand Prix of Montreal.

Recently, more and more of conventional automobile brands have started offering brands for the specialty and high end automobile market. These brands include Audi, Acura, and Infinity among others and our staff is regularly trained and updated with the correct and proper procedures to apply any maintenance or replacement projects on these brands of vehicles.