Making your windshield 10 times stronger

Driving in Montreal is no joke. With all the daily commuters going to work add the construction throughout the city and the traffic, it gets quite stressful. And when you end up receiving a stone chip, it doesn’t make it better. Luckily, At Vite Vitres Jacques, we are always up to date we our products and tools for our clients. With our new product : Diamon-Fusion® Not only we’ll make your windshield clearer, we’ll also improve it’s resistance to impacts by up to 10 times! 

The difference between treated and untreated Windshield after rock impact

You’re probably asking yourself how does it work. It’s 3 step procedure that’s takes about half an hour to apply but definitely. First we decontaminated the windshield which will remove any old products such as Rainex or Aquapel. Then we apply 2 separate coats of the  Diamon-Fusion® product which will make the windshield surface smoother and even which will increase it’s resistance.

The science behind the magic

Diamon-Fusion® will also improve visibility. Not only does this make your windshield stronger, it also repels water and dust away. Specially when driving over 40km/h, the wind itself will push the water without using your wipers.

We highly recommend applying our new product on your windshield specially if we’re installing a new one. This is one of many reasons why we, at Vite Vitres Jacques, make your driving a bit more enjoyable!

The difference between treated and untreated glass after impact


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