3 best tips for stone chip repairs that can save you money!

Here in Montreal, traveling by car isn’t the easiest. The roads are filled with rocks and potholes that can cause damages to your car such as tire pressure dropping, alignment of the wheels and most importantly stone chips. When a rock hits a windshield hard, it doesn’t shatter but the impact leaves a pocket of air because all windshields are laminated. Laminated is a type of glass that doesn’t shatter because it consists of 2 layers of glass and in between their plastic that creates an extreme bond together for safety.

windshield montreal stone chip repair glass mechanix

Primarily, we highly recommend to repair a chip as soon as possible.

Not only do you prevent it from spreading and save hundreds of dollars by not replacing the whole glass, an early repair opts for a better repair and aesthetically, it will also look better because of all the dust, water, windshield washer, dirt or snow that haven’t contaminated the chip over time.

 windshield montreal stone chip repair glass mechanix

Secondarily, using high quality and up to date equipments. 

Technology these days advance so quick seems almost as fast as a blink of an eye. Here at Vite Vitres Jacques, we’re always aware of the new products and equipments in the market. Newer tools with better quality resin that goes in the chip to hold it from spreading helps for a better looking and repair to keep our customers satisfied. windshield montreal stone chip repair glass mechanix

Thirdly, the most important, experience.

Working a stone chip takes patience and lots of experience. With over 30 years of servicing over 40 dealers across the island and over 50 garages as well gives us the experience others may not have for repairs. While repairing a crack, you must apply the correct amount of pressure, or else you can break the glass, and knowing when the resin has filled it all so you can have the best result.

Here at Vite Vitres Jacques, we offer all of these and then some. Whether it’s for a Mercedes or a Honda, we repair them just as well. Visit us and see how we’re the best and how we can save you hundreds of dollars!


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